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Rules of Engagement by J.T. Geissinger


5 Stars

Mason Spark needs a wife to save his murky reputation, at least that’s what his agent adamantly assures of him. But when finding a wife interferes with the verbal sparring with his brand new matchmaker, Mason decides it’s time to play by some rules of his own…

Madison McRae is a straight laced as they come, and a man like Mason pushes all of her buttons… yes, those buttons, too. But even though she and Mason may not get along, Maddie believe that everyone deserves love… and she is going to show Mason just how to find it…


Rules of Engagement was a sexy, hilarious and adorably flawless read! Maddie and Mason are the kind of opposites attract couple that you will love from the minute they meet. Their banter and sexual tension is complete perfection, while their hearts and their insecurities give them the kind of depth that makes for truly well rounded and interesting characters. Their story was an entertaining and bumpy ride… and the best kind of HEA to embark on…

Maddie may be a sweet, well mannered and inherently Southern lady, but all it takes is one meeting with her newest client and her well practiced patience goes flying out the window. Mason is not the type of person she wants for a client, and when the truth of his matchmaking subterfuge comes to light, Maddie absolutely refuses to waste another moment on his silly wife-finding mission… but alas, Mason isn’t great at taking “no” for an answer… ever.

Mason is a gruff and unpolished professional football player who knows just what women want from him, and it definitely isn’t LOVE. But when his feisty and superbly intriguing matchmaker offers to help him navigate being a better Mason for the world to see… well, who is he to refuse to spend time with a beautiful woman… no matter how uptight this one may be…

This book was everything, and I laughed so freaking hard throughout the entire story!! Maddie and Mason’s relationship consistently delivered with their signature brand of banter, sass and fantastic chemistry. I loved their mutual inner struggles and their multi-faceted personalities that made them not only lovable, but exceptionally genuine as well.

The cherry on top of this love story would have had to be Dick and Waldine. These two characters added so many hilarious moments and emotionally fulfilling ones as well. I desperately wished for this book to never end, but as it inevitably did, it will forever bring a smile to my face when I think about how great of a read it truly is… and hey, Maddie has some brothers that need to find a HEA… right?!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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