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Doctor Dearest by R.S. Grey

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4.5 Stars

Dr. Natalie Martin has harbored a major crush on her attending physician… and her brother’s best friend, for too many years to count. Dr. Connor Easton isn’t just unattainable, but more of a dangerous force she needs to stay far, far away from… if she wants to continue to function as a normal human being…

But when Natalie’s brother/roommate invites the rock star of surgeons to stay at their place for the foreseeable future, Natalie’s ability to avoid his captivating attention is about to burn up in the inescapable flames of their red-hot attraction…


Doctor Dearest is romantic comedy at its absolute finest! With its delightful balance from the hilarious and fresh characters paired with a gigantic dose of all-out-heart, all other authors can only strive to achieve the kind of magic that R.S. Grey delivers in everything she writes. Natalie and Connor are two surgeons who live for their occupations, but when the time is finally right for their attraction to be addressed… everything is about to go absolutely wrong..

Natalie was a little awkward, but in the most lovable way. As a highly successful burn surgeon, her acumen in her profession does nothing for her disaster of a personal life. And after years of assuming that Connor barely realizes she exists, she is in for the shock of her life when he suddenly is all about showing her just what he really thinks about his best friend’s little sister…

Connor is not only a renowned plastic surgeon, but also an unfairly charismatic and completely gorgeous one as well. And while he has been patiently waiting for an appropriate time to share the feelings that he has for Natalie, now that his time has finally come, he finds that his hard fought for patience is in serious danger of completely snapping…

The setting of the Burn ICU was an absolutely fascinating addition to this story and came across as superbly researched (as always!) and extremely well done. Natalie and Connor’s highly regarded positions as burn surgeons added some much to the story and to their personalities by showing their complete devotion to their profession and the difference they make in their patients lives.

I adored everything about this smart, incredibly funny and seriously sexy read! Natalie and Connor have a complicated yet, worth-every-second of their dating turmoil romance for the ages! I had so much fun reading this book, from the banter and love/hate energy to their love that (eventually) wins in the end, Natalie and Connor absolutely earned their HEA, and I enjoyed every single moment it took for them to achieve it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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