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Unbreakable (Cloverleigh Farms #4) by Melanie Harlow

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3.5 Stars

In the wake of a painful divorce, Sylvia Sawyer (Baxter) makes the decision to move herself and her two children back to her childhood home of Cloverleigh Farms. Starting over is never easy, but from the first day of her return, Sylvia finds commiseration and a new friendship in the last place she thought she ever would…

Henry DeSantis has had his own life abruptly uprooted. When his wife left him, Henry went through a divorce of his own, and with no children between him and his ex, and his extended family living too far away, Henry’s life has taken on a very quiet and solitary existence.

Relationships after failed marriages are never easy, but when Sylvia and Henry both realize that they may have finally found the love they truly deserve, they are prepared to grab onto to it and never let go… until the real world intrudes…


Unbreakable was an emotional and heartwarmingly sweet read. Sylvia and Henry’s mutual heartache may bring them together, but the love they find in each others arms is the realest thing either one of them has ever known. But along with divorce comes the baggage of their previous lives… and the hurt that was left behind in the shambles of their broken relationships may just be too much for their love to overcome…

Sylvia is a fantastic mom, but she has been severely struggling to find a way to make her kids happy in the aftermath of their parents divorcing and their subsequent move to Michigan. From her looming post-divorce feelings of inadequacy, to finding herself in an easy friendship with Henry, she recognizes just how good being with him makes her feel. And while Sylvia hopes to keep Henry as a part of her life, whether it be in friendship or MORE, once again life proves just how pointless making plans may really be…

Henry has been vastly lonely since the implosion of his marriage. By pouring himself into his work at Cloverleigh Farms, he has found contentment within his daily routine, but happiness has been just out of reach. Until Sylvia returns and suddenly, all the things he never attained in his first marriage start to seem like they are finally within reach… but Henry has learned the hard way that dreaming of a happily ever after rarely works in the end… 

This was a very enjoyable read! The plot was engaging and the characters were admirable and very easy to root for. Sylvia and Henry shared a very complicated and intricate dynamic, which fueled many of the issues they faced in their fledging relationship. With the happiness of her kids and the fact that Henry is an employee of Cloverleigh Farms, they face many roadblocks before anything more between them can ever really begin. But with their intense chemistry and their common ground post-divorce issues always bringing them back together, these two strong and optimistic individuals hope to someday find a way to share a life together, once and for all…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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