4.5 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Love Triangle · Series · Sexy · Suspense

Creeping Beautiful by J.A. Huss


4.5 Stars

Three vastly different Company men and one very dangerous young girl make up an extremely unlikely team of assassins. And they have been keeping some very volatile secrets… from the world… and from each other…

Indie Anna Accorsi was saved from certain death, but her training under the dark shadow organization known as The Company has turned her brain into… something else. And the only way to ensure she doesn’t go from knowingly damaged to off-the-hinges insane is by feeding her thirst for violence… in a very controlled way…


Creeping Beautiful was the suspenseful, sexy and utterly engrossing introduction to the complicated relationship shared between Indie, Adam, McKay and Donovan. Indie is not the same young girl who was taken in by the dubious trio of men a decade ago. With their mission to help her live a stable, yet operational existence, she is sent on jobs to help to keep her fulfilled… and challenged just enough to slake her stronger urges. But when their complex arrangement changes into something much more carnal, nothing will ever be easy for the group again…

Indie Anna Accorsi is an enigma, and after her disappearance four years ago, the men who love her are left trying to piece together the Indie who has suddenly returned to their lives.

Adam Boucher, (Core) McKay, and Donovan Couture are not good men, but they have dedicated themselves to the role of taking care of Indie, for better or for worse. But when the boy next door threatens the life they have built for Indie, the truth of their feelings for each other will come out… whether they want them to or not. You see, Indie loves all of them equally… but so very, very differently…

Whew, the suspense and intricate storyline of this book had me absolutely glued to it’s pages from the very beginning. From some literal palm sweating scenes, to a small taste of the sexiness that is to come, this story expertly laid the groundwork for what kind of craziness we can expect to come next in this series. From the relationship between the four main characters, their secrets that are believed to have been buried and forgotten, and the danger that certainly lurks for everyone involved, this book is a wild ride from beginning to end… and I’d do it all again…

The next book in this series is titled Pretty Nightmare, and is set to release sometime in May 2020.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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