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Slow Dancing by Stylo Fantôme

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3.5 Star

Up and coming pop star Logan Cassidy has a small infatuation with one of her dancers on tour. Woods Donahue is talented, sexy, and into men. But just when she starts to notice that Woods’ gaze lingers on her a little longer than that of a man who isn’t interested, Logan will find that she has no idea just what she is in for when Woods decides to give her his FULL attention…


Slow Dancing was the incredibly sexy and complex story of Logan, a woman who has spent her adult life hiding from romantic complications, and Woods, a man who loves everything about uncomplicated sexual diversions. On tour where the pop star and her dancers can bond and grow closer, these two people, who do their best to avoid everything to do with messy entanglements are about to embark on the biggest one of all…

Logan is on the cusp of greater things, but feels stuck with her image and her career being beyond her control. Preferring not to rock the boat in middle of the tour, she recognizes that things need to change, if only she had the wherewithal to make the changes happen.

Dancing with Woods in her shows is a sensual experience, but one which is for effect only… or so she thinks. One night of drinking and reduced inhibitions later, and Logan finds out just what Woods thinks about when he looks at her…

Woods is a man who loves the freedom of sex without boundaries, and detests the need of others for him to define his attractions. Being labeled pansexual isn’t a problem, but Woods has never fit into any box that people have wanted to keep him in. And when he decides that Logan will be his next conquest, he makes it clear that he is who he is, take him or leave him… but beware of missing out on the greatest experience of her life in the process…

Slow Dancing was a very unique and combustibly sexy read. Logan and Woods were both alluring characters who each possessed a wealth of insecurities which worked against them from the very start. The plot was fascinating and showcased the world of dance and performing in such a fabulous way.

I really liked where Logan ended up in the end of this book, but her progress was a long road throughout. With her insecurity constantly making her second guess her feelings for Woods, it tended to get old after awhile. Woods was super charismatic and tended to flirt with everyone. I loved his dirty side, and when he and Logan hit the sheets, it was hot as hell. And while I liked them both, and their sexual chemistry was unmistakable, in the end, I was left wanting in the overall compatibility of their relationship.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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