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Waiting for My Queen by Georgia Cates

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3 Stars

With her arranged marriage fast approaching, Emilia Bellini begs her father for a chance to marry the man she truly loves, and not the one she was betrothed to as just a baby. Although engaged for years, Emilia doesn’t even know her future husband… and she believes that true love means more than any allegiance forged on behalf of her mafia family… but young love and organized crime is never that easy…

Luca Rossini was promised Emilia as his future wife, and when the Bellinis attempt to sever their agreement, Luca views it as blatant disrespect for him and the rest of the Rossini family. If there is one thing to know about Luca Rossini, it is that he will not tolerate being disrespected… as his future wife will soon find out, the hard way…


Waiting for my Queen was a dark, twisted and incredibly sexy story filled with hate, bloodshed and the dangers of being a mafia princess. Finding love in the convoluted world of the mafia is no easy feat… but when your love is destroyed by the one man who holds your very life in his hands, a future without it seems bleak and incredibly doomed. But in the flames of their impending union, Emilia and Luca will soon find that love in the mafia takes no prisoners…

Emilia is a young woman who showed moments of strength in the unimaginable loss that her family suffers at the hands of the Rossinis. There were definite times that I really admired her tenacity and willingness to go head to head with the monster with whom she is obligated to marry, but at the same time, she forgives way too easily. Her total disregard for his actions at times was unfathomable, and it held me back from really enjoying their relationship.

Luca is a straight up psycho, a man who takes what he wants and leaves bloodshed in his wake. He makes no apologizes for his actions against Emilia’s family, and yet his charm (and sexual maneuvers) easily sway the woman in which he took so much from. And while he is definitely a total beast, there was just something about Luca’s (eventual) playful personality that softened my feelings toward him quite absurdly… I mean, I DO kind of get it Emilia…

This story was completely set in the year 1978, with a lot of musical references and NYC club scenes being used to set the stage for the entire storyline. I enjoyed the “vintage” feel of the book as a result, but I was also a little lost if there was a reason for the the story to have this era as its setting.

The premise was exciting and kept me intrigued, but I did feel like there were definite flaws with the characters and what I would call some “dealbreakers” for their numerous relationship dilemmas.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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