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Yours In Scandal by Lauren Layne

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4.5 Stars

Nearing the end of his tenure as Mayor of New York City, Robert Davenport is soaking in his last months at the job he loves. But where one door closes, another one opens, and everyone expects the golden boy of politics to set his sights on the office of Governor… and with it, usurping the long held position of a political snake.

Adeline Blake was once known as Addie Brennan, daughter of the Governor of New York, party girl and all around political disgrace. But Addie has put her years of living under the thumb of her domineering father behind her, and has started a new life for herself, that is blissfully free of the world of politics…


Yours In Scandal was an adorably entertaining read! Quick witted, triumphant and oh-so steamy, this is Lauren Layne at her romantic comedy best! Adeline and Robert’s love story was not only fresh and fun, but deeply moving as well. In the world of politics, where each candidate seems worse than the last, Robert is a shining, scrupulous light… and all he wants is for Adeline to share in his bright future, right by his side…

Five years ago Addie Brennan was the party girl daughter of the Governor who seemed to be going off the rails. But with an epic falling out with the father she loathes, Addie disappears from New York and the scandal that surrounds her wherever she goes. But when the up and coming event planner, Adeline Blake arrives on the scene, with a new hair color and a whole new attitude, the last thing she wants to associate with is anything that has to do with the world she absolutely loathes… politics.

Robert does politics his own way, with principles and the refusal to fight dirty. But while this recently named Man of the Year is facing a new political challenge, his previous strategy might not cut it in the race for Governor, against a man who never lives an honest day in his life. But when he finds out that Addie Brennan is back and hiding in plain sight, Robert has to decide if his old way of campaigning completely clean is the way to win this race…

This was such a fantastic read! Sexy, funny and incredibly entertaining, Robert and Adeline’s relationship does the impossible… makes politics refreshing and fun!

I loved both of these characters so much! Adeline was a changed woman, but behind her buttoned up blazers, the old Addie is screaming to get out. Robert was sweet and sexy, and was completely intrigued by Adeline and her reluctance to cash in on his position. And when the cutthroat world of politics intrudes on their burgeoning relationship, Robert and Adeline will prove just what amazing people they really are…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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