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The Rich Boy by Kylie Scott

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3.5 Stars

Working in a dive bar is about as glamorous as you think it would be, and for Alice there aren’t many things that are redeeming about her job. Until she meets the gorgeous new busboy who flirts his way right past her defenses, and Alice finds herself suddenly excited to show up for her shift. But, Beck isn’t just the busboy he seems to be, and when his real life comes calling, everything about Alice’s life is about to change… drastically…


The Rich Boy was an entertaining, super-slow-burn love story about Alice and Beck, two people who come from vastly different worlds, but find everything they could every want in each others arms. And when Beck’s old life comes calling, he can’t imagine leaving the woman he knows is the one for him, behind… even if bringing her along results in the implosion of their life together…

Alice and Beck fall for each other pretty instantly. With their adorable dynamic and serious sexual attraction, it would be incredibly easy for them to fall into bed together… but Beck has other, much more sexually exhausting plans for their relationship. And when their un-tested connection faces the stresses of living under the microscope of Beck’s prestigious existence, Alice and Beck will either have to learn to trust each other, or go back to the lives they led before finding each other…

In a world where they were surrounded by not so likable families, I adored Alice and Beck and their devotion to each other. Their interactions were vastly entertaining and they made for such a cute couple. I enjoyed the story, but if it wasn’t for Alice and Beck’s personalities, I may have finished disappointed in the end. I also would have cheered out loud if they had just gotten to the sexual part of their relationship a little (A LOT) sooner than they did.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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