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Long Lost by Cora Brent

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4 Stars

When Caris Marano and Jonathan Hempstead first met they were two young kids with seemingly nothing in common. But when a summer spent together changes their lives inexplicably, the connection they once shared will continue on… even though their paths may be destined to never cross again…

Jonathan Hempstead lived through a hard childhood, and meeting Caris was one of it’s only lights… until their friendship was snuffed out way too soon. Reinventing himself as Jay Phoenix and leaving his old life completely behind, the last person he ever expected to see again turns up as his brand new roommate…


Long Lost was a sweetly emotional read about a love that was never meant to be, but finds it’s way after being incinerated in the ashes of their families tangled pasts. Caris and Johnny have everything going against them and future together, but with a reunion they never saw coming, the budding love they shared all those years ago will finally have a chance to flourish… or die out forever…

Caris was a sweet and trusting girl who has her heart broken by Johnny as a young girl, after he had come to mean so much to her. Seeing him again all those years later, she is happy to be around her old friend again, but Jay is less than welcoming, to say the least.

Johnny/Jay has come a long way since his childhood, and seeing Caris again brings all of his bad memories back again. But the friendship they shared all those years ago was built to last, and whether they realize it or not, Johnny and Caris are made for each other.

This was a sexy, intriguing read, with a interesting plot. From the storied past of the Hempstead and Chapel family, to the connection between Caris and Johnny, this heart wrenching story delivered on all the feels, and entertained throughout.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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