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Reborn Yesterday (Phenomenal Fate #1) by Tessa Bailey

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5 Stars

Unsuspecting funeral director, Ginny Lynn, encounters the shock of her life when one of her “clients” suddenly sits up on her work table mid preparation… and then things starts to get even weirder…

Jonas Cantrell is a vampiric stickler for the rules, but there is something about Ginny that makes him want to break every last one of them… but that is too bad, since a human and a vampire could NEVER interact in his world… EVER.


Reborn Yesterday was the seductively hilarious story of a vampire and a human who were absolutely never, ever, meant to be together… or are they?! With an instant connection that is as undeniable as it is resounding, Ginny and Jonas’ love story is incredibly complicated and delightfully intertwined. With humor, heat and a HEA, this book had me hooked from it’s very first page…

Ginny has not so lovingly been refereed to as “Death Girl” for as long as she can remember, after all, living and working in a funeral home for your entire life will do that to a girl. Buy Ginny takes pride in her work, and the business that her adoring father left her upon his death. And while it may be lonely when you tend to only interact with the dead, she is shockingly ready for her life to take it’s unexpected and deeply confusing turn when she meets the magnetic Jonas Cantrell.

Jonas is a scrupulous vampire who dedicates his time to helping the newly turned adjust to their new normal. But the second he lays his eyes on Ginny, everything he thought he knew about his existence completely crumbles around him. Ginny is everything he didn’t know he was missing in life… and yet, Jonas is forbidden from ever laying a finger on her…

I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK!! Ginny and Jonas had a scorching-hot attraction, and the paranormal aspect of it all pushed their relationship drama through the roof! The plot was fantastic and held me completely engrossed! And the characters! Not only Ginny and Jonas, but I am dying for stories from the rest of the crew… gimme!! Vampires, humans, slayers and true love… this book is a must read if you just happen to enjoy experiencing an absolutely fabulous romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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