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Take Two by Heather M. Orgeron

Take Two Ebook Cover.jpg
3.5 Stars

When Nya Perez-Watts and Liam Watts wake up married in Vegas, it definitely isn’t the first time they’ve eloped, yet this time is very, very different. After an agreement made in the heat of the moment, these two former exes are about to try to make their marriage work… or after the agreed upon 6 months, call it quits for good… what could possibly go wrong…


Take Two was a funny and sweet story about two fabulous co-parents who decide to give marriage another shot… all for the daughter they would do anything for. There are many issues that Nya and Liam need to work on with why marriage didn’t work in the first place, but first, they are about to get a quick lesson in cohabitation… and resisting temptation…

This was a fun read with a great plot! I loved Nya and Liam’s basis for their relationship, and they seemed to truly loved each other, even when they drove each other crazy! True opposites, Nya was pretty uptight and thrived on order and cohesion, while Liam loved to make a joke out of any, and every situation. I adored their relationships with their daughter, and their families were both very warm and welcoming, despite their previous divorce.

While this book was entertaining, there were a couple of things that kept me from absolutely loving this read. First, Nya tended to be a brat who refused to compromise… and she never seemed to grow out of that issue. Liam was pretty selfish and had problems with really listening to what Nya needed from him, but at his core, he was dedicated to her happiness and making their marriage work. Lastly, I felt there were way too many pop culture/internet video references in this book, and they seemed there to simply add humor in a story that should have done that from what the entertaining family dynamic presented all on it’s own…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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