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Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire (Bro Code #3) by Pippa Grant


3.5 Stars

As the new owner of the Fireballs baseball team, Lila Valentine has a lot to learn about her new endeavor, but having it continue to be a part of her family legacy is absolutely worth it… even if it means working side by side with the sexiest liar that she has ever met…

Tripp Wilson and Lila have met before… under sexier circumstances. But one non-complete hook-up and an incorrect identity later, they find themselves working for the same team… but against each other…


Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire was a sweet, funny, slow burn romance, featuring a single dad and finding a second chance at love… and lots and lots of horny ducks. Lila and Tripp may start off on the wrong foot, but with each and every argument they dream up, its only a matter of time before they are caught… with their hands in each others… hearts?

Lila was a very interesting character with many secrets of her own. From her losing her parents as a young girl to, until recently, her lack of solid friendships, there is something about her past that is very mysterious.

Tripp is a former member of the band Bro Code, a hypochondriac, germaphobe, and also an adorably devoted father. Losing his wife unexpectedly really did a number on him, and he hasn’t fully healed since, but there is smoothing about Lila that makes him really want to try…

This was a fun read! I loved Lila and Tripp’s hilarious interactions with each other and the crazy scenarios they find themselves in… especially when they rile each other up as foreplay! And while I loved the plot and the comedic aspects, I felt that the romance and focus on the relationship was sorely underrepresented. I would have loved some deeper feelings between Lila and Tripp to add believability to their love.

This book was another entertaining read from the Bro Code series! I always enjoy how Pippa Grant revisits her Bro Code relationship alumni as well as some of our other favorite characters from previously loved series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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