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Pike (The Pawn Duet #1) by T.M. Frazier

5 Stars

Michaela (Mickey) is a brilliant young woman who has the world at her feet… until her family takes their annual vacation to Logan’s Beach, and everything splinters into a harsh new reality…

Pike is a man who has made his own way in life, and has connected with only a select few people, whom he trusts explicitly. So when someone starts to mess with his… extracurricular activities, Pike vows that he will stop at nothing to uncover the group behind it all… when his luck changes… and one of them falls right into his hands…


Pike was the highly anticipated and sexually charged introduction to the sweltering and twisted Pawn Duet. Mickey and Pike come from two very different worlds, but their chemistry is undeniable… which makes things highly complicated, considering Mickey is currently Pike’s very unwilling captive. But what Mickey may know is far too important of a lead for Pike to lose sight of in the name of sexual attraction… and he refuses to be bested by the secrets that his captive holds…

Mickey was a brilliant woman with a photographic memory and a well thought out plan she needs to carry out. Joining with a group of miscreants was never in her life goals… but she is prepared to do what she has to do for justice. Until a heist gone wrong and Mickey finds herself at the mercy of a man she should absolutely NOT be attracted to…

Pike is sexy, dark and all kinds of intimidating, but when it comes to torturing Mickey, his heart just isn’t in it. He hates her, but wants her fiercely… and eventually one of the two will win out for Pike’s revenge…

Holy moly, this book was fantastic! Mickey and Pike’s chemistry was sultry and red hot, and their dislike for each other fueled every sexy moment of it. The plot was engaging and had just enough twists for a fascinating, well paced story. Of course, we get some Logan’s Beach character cameos, and a jaw dropping cliffhanger that will leave you desperate for the release of Pawn, book two in this spellbinding, must read duet!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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