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A Royal Mistake (The Rooftop Crew #2) by Piper Rayne

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4.5 Stars

Reporter Sierra Sanders makes no secret of her obsession with Prince Adrian Marx of Sandsal. She thinks just about everything Prince Adrian does is absolutely fascinating, and she is over the moon when she wins a date with the one and only, extremely sexy prince… that is, until she actually meets him.

But when their date goes from a detested royal duty, to an actual connection, Adrian comes up with a crazy plan… and it involves Sierra becoming his brand new roomie…


A Royal Mistake was an adorable, opposites attract romance with an impossible relationship dilemma and oh-so-many emotions thrown in. Sierra and Adrian have a one night stand that will go down in history, but when the prince decides he wants to stay for a little while, will his future as king, and the scrutiny of his country tear their fledging relationship apart…

Sierra is a woman who closes herself off and has a history of dating impossible men, but even though Adrian represents her most impossible relationship yet, the connection between them has her throwing caution to the wind and deciding go all in and to really date the Prince of Sandsal. With her friends at her back and her heart on the line, the path for true love isn’t going to be easy for the already damaged Sierra…

Adrian has no desire to become king, but he realizes the time has come to do his duty by his family, and his country… but not just yet. You see, meeting Sierra makes Adrian want things he never thought possible… like a relationship based on love, and not one arranged by his parents. But when his royal duty calls, he will have to make the impossible decision of leaving Sierra behind… or convincing her that she belongs with him…

From their completely different worlds and their slow realization of their love for each other, Sierra and Adrian’s story was plot perfection and an emotional roller coaster, all rolled into one. I adored the instant connection that didn’t immediately make all of their problems disappear in lieu of a story line. Sierra and Adrian have to fight hard for their love, and their trust and understanding in one another fuels the battle they face from the royal-crazy world around them.

Welp, the authors did the impossible and talked me into liking Sierra, the somewhat villain of book one in The Rooftop Crew. She starts out as her usual non-likable self, and somewhere along the way, my heart broke for her, and I couldn’t help but root for her finding her HEA. And Adrian was the absolute best companion to break down the emotional walls she perfected building since she was a young and heartbroken girl.

This was another amazing read in The Rooftop Crew series, where the neighbors and friends whose lives are so very intertwined keep getting juicer and more fascinating by the moment… bring on book three!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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