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Mum’s The Word (Bennet Brothers #3) by Staci Hart

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4 Stars

After saving their beloved flower shop from the brink of bankruptcy, the Bennet family has finally not only turned business around, but Longbourne is now thriving. But with their success comes a cold reality in the form of a lawsuit, from their unscrupulous business rival, Bower Bouquets.

In a chance meeting, Marcus Bennet and Margaret Bower immediately fall for each other, only to find out how impossible a relationship would be between them. You see, with their family feud still going strong, a Bower and a Bennet could never work… despite how incredibly right it feels when Marcus and Maisie are together…


Mum’s The Word was a sweet and sexy story about true love between two perceived enemies, who want nothing more than to put the bad blood between their families behind them. Marcus and Maisie fall deeply and unequivocally for each other from the moment they meet… but bridging the divide between Bennets and Bowers is going to set them up for the fight of a lifetime… because even in a world filled with flowers, star crossed lovers still very much exist…

Marcus Bennet is the highly organized, straight forward and extremely trustworthy Bennet sibling. After purchasing Longbourne to save the family business, he now faces a lawsuit brought on by his mother’s ineptitude at business and a woman who has made it her life goal to ruin everything Bennet related. So when in the midst of fighting against the Bower powerhouse, Marcus meets the woman of his dreams, the timing could not be any worse… or the circumstances. Because even though Maisie is amazing, sweet, and the woman he has waited his whole life for… she is also the daughter of his family’s greatest enemy…

Maisie Bower detests her mother, and the way she treats everyone around her. After living in England for the past two years, Maisie has returned to New York to take her long held position at Bower Bouquets, and unfortunately will be working closely by her mothers side. Meeting Marcus is the best and worst thing to ever happen to her, but the more she gets to know the Bennet family, the more Maisie realizes that she has always longed for a family dynamic like theirs, and that her mother will never provide the kind of loving relationship she deserves…

This was such an amazing read! Marcus and Maisie’s love at first sight attraction was put through the wringer from the moment they realized just who each other was. I loved Maisie’s determination to always do the right thing, and her bravery in facing her beast of a mother. Marcus is the reliable family member who shocks them all with his choice of Maisie and their difficult road to having a relationship. I enjoyed the books plot immensely, and I really liked that while everything may have worked out in the end, the road to get there was neither easy, nor convenient.

I loved everything about the Bennet Brothers series, from the unforgettable family dynamic to each individual love story, I can not wait to see more from the remaining Bennet siblings… which will be featured SOON in some crossover series!!! Woot!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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