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Stealing Cinderella by A. Zavarelli

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4.5 Stars

After the death of her father, Ella Laurent has been forced to endure a hard life of servitude following the demands of her malevolent stepmother and two equally terrible stepsisters. With a beloved animal sanctuary serving as her daily escape, Ella has done everything she can to try to secure the funding the sanctuary needs to stay open, but time is running out. So, when a invitation to a royal ball lands in her hands, Ella has a new plan… talk to the prince face-to-face to get him to donate… only… Ella finds herself demanding money from the wrong prince…

Thorsen Lykken is the future King of Norway, whether he likes it or not. Viewed in his country as the dark and difficult counterpart to his twin brother, Thorsen cares little about what others want from him. Until Ella speaks to him like no one else has ever dared, and now Thorsen has his sights on Ella… if he can find her that is…


Stealing Cinderella was the scorchingly sexy and delightfully twisted retelling of Cinderella that makes the tired old fairytale something thrilling and forbidden to love as an adult. Ella and Thorsen’s love story may not be easy or your typical cotton candy fairytale, but with it’s brutally sexy, dark and a little bit deviant storyline, it is the perfect escape to jump right into for a complicated, yet fulfilling HEA…

Ella is a sweet and loyal woman who is stuck in a very bad situation. Serving her stepmother and stepsisters tirelessly, her only bright spots are visiting her favorite animals at the sanctuary, and her two steadfast friends. But when Ella attracts the attention of the Prince of Norway, life as she knows it will never be the same again…

Thorsen is dark, depraved, and oh-so-deviant. When his desire to possess Ella wins out over his too quiet conscience, he does the only thing that makes sense in his privileged world… he kidnaps her. 

This book was superbly hot and highly entertaining. The sex was spicy AF and incredibly well done, the drama and turmoil top notch, and the plot was engaging from beginning to end! Stories that bend towards erotica and BDSM usually tend to fail in the storyline department, but everything about Stealing Cinderella blew me away! From the great writing to the fascinating characters, this was my favorite retelling of Cinderella… EVER!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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