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One Moment Please (Wait With Me #3) by Amy Daws

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5 Stars

Girl meets doctor, doctor is a total jerk… but they have sex anyway, because I mean, what is hotter than a little hate sex, amiright?!

Lynsey Jones is a graduate student innocently working on her thesis in a hospital cafeteria… (it helps her concentrate!!) when Dr. Dick arrives and ruins everything…

Dr. Josh Richardson takes one look at Lynsey and he knows that she is bad news, I mean, what kind of weirdo hangs out at the hospital?! Not one he wants to be around… or so he keeps telling himself…


One Moment Please was a hilarious and extremely sexy book that had me laughing, crying and, seriously, all over the place emotionally. Lynsey and Josh not only fall into bed with each other, but when their one night stand results in a surprise of it’s own, they will soon have to find out how to co-parent with a virtual stranger…

Lynsey was a categorical breath of fresh air! Smart, driven and uproariusly funny, she was the perfect match for the grouchy and irritable Josh. Finding out she is pregnant with a man whom she barely knows (and definitely doesn’t get along with), Lynsey does what she does best, and not only makes the best out of the situation, but fully embraces her pending parenthood status.

Josh is a hard man to get to know, but with his painful past still affecting his everyday existence, once Lynsey breaks through, his struggle will break your heart into tiny little pieces. But despite Josh’s many faults, even in his darkest moments, he devotes himself to caring for Lynsey and their baby-to-be.

I loved everything about this book! The plot was fresh and fabulous, the sex was H.O.T. and the characters were delightfully flawed and incredibly interesting. Lynsey and Josh have an anything-but-typical love story, and following them on their romantic comedy journey was the most fun I’ve had reading a book in a long time!

One Moment Please is book three in the unforgettable Wait With Me series, and I continue to adore each and every one of these characters from this always entertaining world!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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