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Madam Temptress (Magnolia Duet #2) by Meghan March

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4 Stars

*** Madam Temptress is the final book in the Magnolia Duet and should be read after Creole Kingpin. This review may contain spoilers if you have not yet started the duet. ***

Magnolia Maison and Moses Gaspard have spent a lifetime apart, but now that they are finally back together, they refuse to ever be separated again. But Magnolia is still facing an unknown and very real danger, and their days of reunited bliss may soon be coming to a tragic and sudden end…


Madam Temptress was the spellbinding conclusion to the captivating Magnolia Duet. Magnolia and Moses may have moved on to the sweet and oh-so-satisfied portion of their relationship, but their devotion may be tested sooner than they think… all while a multitude of threats continue to threaten the very future they have finally started to plan…

I loved this duet! Magnolia was such a deep, multi-faceted and intriguing woman. After every devastating blow that life has dealt her, she has risen to the challenge and come back stronger then ever. But when things turn very, very personal, Magnolia will have to face the worst thing imaginable…

Moses is very protective of Magnolia and is working with everything he has to ensure her safety, above all else. You see, Moses just got Magnolia back, and he will sacrifice his entire world before they are ever ripped apart again…

This book focused on the comfort and contentment that Magnolia are finding in their budding relationship. And although they are searching for the answers to the danger Magnolia has been facing, the story lulls you into a sense of complacency.. and then, BOOM! The heart pounding suspense comes out of nowhere and takes your absolute breath away.

Hey, I warned you… but, you had better just find out all about it for yourself…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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