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Riot House (Crooked Sinners #1) by Callie Hart

Riot House Cover.jpg

4.5 Stars

Wolf Hall Academy is your typical boarding school, the kids are spoiled, overly entitled and impossible to like… but for the most part… harmless. But newcomer Elodie Stillwater’s arrival is about to upend it all…

Wren Jacobi is rich, gorgeous, and wildly unpredictable… and he makes no secret to just how much he hates Elodie at first sight…


Riot House is the dangerously sexy and secret riddled story of Elodie and Wren, two students who are about to change the landscape of Wolf Hall Academy… forever. With a sizzling attraction and a simmering disdain, Wren is prepared to ruin Elodie in every possible way… that is, if he can get close enough to her to even try…

I was not expecting the magnitude of this book, at all! Elodie and Wren’s relationship starts out with a mutual animosity and some delightfully abrasive interactions, but the truth of their attraction can only keep them away from each other for so long. Elodie has been warned about Wren and his friends, who lord over the school from their perch at the illustrious and forbidden Riot House, but now that she is finally out from under her father’s thumb, Elodie is done playing things safe…

I absolutely loved Elodie! She was smart, tough AF, and has overcome a lot to get to this point in her life… and she is not about to let some petty kids at her new school take her down in any way, shape, or form. Wren was deeply troubled in his own mind, but at the same time, the perfect match for Elodie. Misjudging her sweet and innocent persona, he soon finds that she won’t be so easy to manipulate, after all…

I enjoyed where this book was going, it was interesting and engaging, and maybe a little slow moving. I was prepared to call it a night and finish reading the rest of it in the morning… and then BOOM… I stayed up reading until three, and I don’t regret one second of it… because seriously… THIS is an ending that you WILL NOT see coming…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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