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The F List by Alessandra Torre

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5 Stars

Fame. Fortune. and Followers. Some people are born into it, and some have to work tirelessly to achieve even the smallest bit of recognition.

Starring together in a new type of reality show, social media influencers Cash Mitchell and Emma Blanton have met before, and none of those experiences were good ones. But to make it to the top, they have to play the game… and if they want their celebrity to rise, sometimes they have to make up the rules as they go…


The F List was an inspired and incredibly entertaining read! Emma and Cash’s love story was fresh, fun and freaking fabulous! In the cut throat world of fabricated celebrity, these two characters should have been easy to hate, but with every new encounter and layer to their personalities unraveled, I dare you to not fall under their charismatic spell…

Emma grew up with nothing and very little prospects of becoming something more than just that. So the second she gets a big break, Emma treats it like the golden opportunity it is… and she changes everything. With an outward transformation giving her the confidence she never had, Emma sets out to make something of herself, once and for all. And although one of Emma’s biggest assets turns out to be her give no F’s attitude, the real Emma is still very much lurking behind her new and improved, glossy social media persona. 

Cash was born into his celebrity status, and although he has never loved the attention, the fame is just a part of who he has always been, no matter how much he insists he is a normal guy beneath it all. After a few run-ins with Emma, Cash has made it his goal to stay far away from the woman who loves to push his buttons… until the reality show happens, and their animosity becomes front and center celebrity gossip…

This was such a fantastic book, and I loved Emma so much! She completely embraced her notoriety, while still holding on to her integrity as a person, and the way she took hold of a situation was always fun and effortlessly Emma.

Cash was another favorite, with his unwilling attraction to Emma always lingering despite his hatred for her public persona, it wasn’t long before he realizes there is much more to Emma than meets the eye. And while Cash’s life has always been available for public fodder, his secrets are something that he has never let slip… and he protects them, no matter what.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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