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Love the One You Hate by R.S. Grey

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4.5 Stars

It’s like a dream come true for Maren Mitchell when she is asked to be a companion for the wealthy and extremely generous, Cornelia Cromwell. Moving to her estate and being treated just like family, Maren can’t believe that her luck has finally seemed to change… until she has a run in with Cornelia’s grandson…

Nicholas Hunt has seen his grandmother put her trust in the wrong people one too many times, and this newest hire of hers seems no different. Nicholas is determined to get to the bottom of just how Maren convinced his elderly grandmother to take her in… and try his hardest not to fall under her spell as well…


Love the One You Hate was a sizzling, slow burn romance set in the ornate and privileged world of Newport, Rhode Island. Maren and Nicholas are at odds before they ever actually meet… although Maren doesn’t quite know it yet. She is a young woman who has struggled through life, but Nicholas sees her as an opportunist who is scamming his wealthy grandmother. Mistrust and hate may be their first impressions, but the more Maren and Nicholas see of each other, the more apparent it is that they have something even more inconvenient in common… a very obvious attraction…

Since the death of her parents, Maren has had to struggle her way through life. Facing far too many of life’s challenges on her own, she continues to work hard and scrape by with whatever new obstacle that presents itself. So when she is offered the position of being a companion to Cornelia Cromwell, Maren is understandably very reluctant to believe that this job is what it really seems to be. Add in the obvious discomfort of being so far out of her element, and the gorgeous man who wants her thrown out almost immediately, Maren isn’t quite sure of where she really fits in within Newport society.

Nicholas Hunt was born into the prestigious Cromwell hierarchy, and he tends to be wary of any new person attempting to infiltrate his grandmother’s inner circle, and his only remaining family that he is very protective of. Prepared to dislike everything that Maren represents, Nicholas finds that he is drawn to her, just as much as his grandmother is… but any overture of a romantic nature on his part would be wrong on so many levels… unless of course… Maren disagrees…

This was such an amazing story! Emotional, fanciful, refreshing and fun, this book was the perfect escape and a highly entertaining interlude. I loved Maren, she was resilient and admirable, all while being a little lost while finding her way in life. And Nicholas, while at the start only showed his distrust and frustration when it came to Maren, soon lets his guard down and demonstrates just how great of a man he really is behind his gruff exterior. The setting of the Rosethorn estate was magical and inspiring, and it added so much rich imagery to the story and Maren’s utter change in circumstances.

R.S. Grey’s writing is always a special treat, and I devoured this book the second I got my hands on it. With stories that are always witty, entertaining and heartfelt, Love the One You Hate was another fabulous example of just why she is the reigning queen of the romantic comedy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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