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The Rival Roomies (The Rooftop Crew #3) by Piper Rayne

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4 Stars

Rian Wright has been harboring an attraction to someone from her friend group for quite some time. Dylan Phillips is her complete opposite… and it is glaringly obvious that he doesn’t possess any lingering attraction back to her… that is, until Rian gets a new roommate…

Jax Owens was once Dylan’s best friend, but after an epic falling out, they have become something more like enemies. Dylan knows all about how Jax operates, and he will do everything he can to prevent him from charming his way into Rian’s bed… including moving in to her apartment himself…


The Rival Roomies was a supremely entertaining friends to lovers romance filled with sexual tension, a bad boy tattoo artist, and the sweet and brilliant woman who he is all wrong for… or so he likes to keep reminding himself…

Rian may be the nicest and quietest member of her friend group, but she sure has a thing for the tatted up, motorcycle riding, bad boy type. With her above average intelligence and her love of baking for her friends, Rian may be somewhat easy to overlook. But just when she thinks her crush on Dylan will never be anything more, the perfect distraction moves right into her apartment… and Jax sure does share some intriguing qualities that she has come to love about Dylan…

Dylan may be the embodiment of a bad boy, but as the owner of Ink Envy, he has worked hard to makes his business, and his life, a success. Growing up in foster care, his emotional damage runs deep, and although he would like nothing more than to act on his attraction to Rian, he has been fighting a losing battle against it for a very long time. But when his former buddy Jax strolls back into his life, Dylan suddenly realizes just what he may be missing out on while he’s been keeping his feelings for Rian quiet…

The Rival Roomies was another delightfully fun and sexy read from always engaging Rooftop Crew series! I loved this opposites attract romance that used some jealousy inducing tactics that went above and beyond when it comes to Dylan’s reluctance to pursue Rian.

I enjoyed all of the characters in this story, but I must say that Rian had a particularly interesting backstory that was a great addition to the plot. I really felt like her personality just blossomed during the course of the book, and I found myself waiting for her to stand up for herself and show the world what she was really made of, including Dylan and his tough-to-crack exterior.

The Rooftop Crew series and their incomparable friend group is always enjoyable to revisit, and The Rival Roomies delivered with another wonderful read! And I am so very excited for the next story in the series… because we are definitely going to get to see another favorite couple finally get their chance at a HEA…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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