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The Modern Gentleman by Meghan Quinn

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4 Stars

Wesley Williams prides himself on being a gentleman, at all times. And as the writer of the popular online column, The Modern Gentleman, Wes shares his gentlemanly expertise with the masses, in order to help them achieve maximum impeccable behavior themselves. Unfortunately, his latest assignment is about to take over his life on a much more… personal tone…

June Lacy is vivacious, refreshing and fun, which is basically all the things that Wes didn’t realize were missing from his life. And while Wes possesses all the smooth moves that a gentleman should, June makes him work incredibly hard for every last scrap of progress in furthering a relationship with her. She is different, and enticing, and the chase might just make Wes’s venture his most exciting article yet…


The Modern Gentleman was the hilarious and adorable story of Wes, the man who has all the answers… until it comes to his own dating methods. Tasked with writing an article about wooing as only a gentleman could, Wes lucks out and meets the perfect girl for his relationship starting endeavor, but soon finds out that while being a sophisticated man might be easy on paper, real life keeps reminding him of just who he is underneath his impeccable suit and always styled hair…

This was such a fantastic story! The dialogue was entertaining and fresh, and I laughed so hard at the mishaps that the accident prone Wes kept getting himself into. And for all of his gentlemanly ideals, Wes turned out to be not so suave underneath it all.

June was a character that I desperately wanted more from. I loved her personality and her sense of humor, and was fascinated by her guarded heart when it came to Wes and his unflinching attention. In my opinion, with a June point of view in this story, I would have felt much more of a connection in an already engaging plot.

This delightful story was an extremely slow burn… I mean, the slowest of slow burns. Wes and June spent a lot of time dating, and having a good time, but I was still left with the feeling of wanting MORE from this story and everything I could experience from these adorable characters.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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