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Hell Hath No Fury by R.C. Boldt

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4 Stars

Caitlin Ashford’s family was ripped away from her right before her eyes, and now, she is ready to deliver her own brand of justice in the memory of the people she loved.

The organization behind the murder of her family has never seen an enemy like her… and she is prepared to take out every last member of the Dixie Mafia. But, while her high powered adversary employs the most ruthless of enforcers, Caitlin never once anticipated going up against… The Hunter.


Hell Hath No Fury was an edgy and heartbreaking story that will tear you apart piece by piece, and yet leave you hopeful by it’s stunning end. From the ashes of her annihilated former life, Caitlin rises to exact vengeance on the organization who took everything from her, and meets a man who awakens her cold, dead heart in the process. But a man like Hunter who recognizes the soul deep anguish in Caitlin’s eyes, may be even more dangerous than the Dixie Mafia on it’s worst day…

Caitlin witnessed the unthinkable when she lost her daughter, husband and father in one  torturous day. And while she expected the justice system to do it’s job, Caitlin immediately realizes that she is on her own when it comes to avenging the murder of her entire family.

Hunter has been tasked with uncovering the person behind a recent and systematic targeting of associates in the Dixie Mafia. Running into one dead end after another, Hunter soon finds himself distracted by a woman who fascinates him like no one ever has…

This book was a fascinating and engrossing read. I was entranced by the plot and Caitlin was a leading character to obsess over. With her transformation from a woman content in her life, to the broken and alone killing machine she becomes, Caitlin was a vision of vengeance and righteous fury. And then she meets the perfect companion to her plan to destroy everything Dixie Mafia… that is, until the truth comes out of who the man she calls Hunter really is…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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