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Ruthless Princess (Mafia Royals #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

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3.5 Stars

Born into the mafia, and bred to be a ruthless leader, Serena Abandonato is heir to the throne belonging to her father. Growing up within the Five Families has prepared the newest class of Eagle Elite for their roles… but following the rules set forth by their parents have never been harder than it is right now…

Junior Nicolasi is a man who plays by the rules, no matter the devastating affect they have on his love for Serena. They were once inseparable, but nowadays, the only thing they can agree on is how much they hate each other…


Ruthless Princess was the gritty and tragic introduction to the Mafia Royals series. A new generation of young adults have taken their place as Eagle Elite royalty, and they just might be even more ruthless than their predecessors. Serena and Junior’s love is forbidden by the rules of the Five Families, and when breaking the rules means death, the two former love birds have turned from hopeless in love to utter and complete loathing…

This new series is such a treat for the readers who already love the Eagle Elite series. As the next generation of a cold-hearted yet silly squad of up-and-coming mafia leaders, the characters of this book are doing their parents proud. But with fealty and responsibility  comes a power stronger than the younger generation has ever known…

Serena and Junior’s forbidden romance is doomed before it ever really began. And while their close relationships with the entire mafia family forces them to live in close proximity, all the strong feelings they continue to hold for each other come out in the most brutal of ways.

This was a good read! With a lighthearted tone set against the backdrop of the very somber mafia lifestyle, this book was entertaining and well written. I do have to warn that I would not recommend starting this series without reading all of the original Eagle Elite series first, because while the story is all new, there are a lot of pieces to this plot that do not stand well on their own.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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