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Do You Want Me? by W. Winters

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4 Stars

Delilah Jones is a fantastic lawyer who works for the Assistant Attorney General, and for the most part, loves her job. But when an old case comes back to haunt her, Delilah has found herself feeling… restless… and in the need of some sort of… release…

Cody Walsh is an FBI agent Delilah knows very well. From working together on cases here and there, to their mutual attraction, a fling between them seems easy and natural… until it’s not…


Do You Want Me? was the absorbing introduction to the intriguing character of Delilah Jones and an upcoming book, This Love Hurts, which will feature her story line continuation. While embarking in a friends with benefits relationship with an almost co-worker, Delilah’s life may very well be spiraling out from underneath her. But even worse, is a sinister presence lurking in the shadows of her occasional hookups… watching and waiting… and plotting…

This novella has me absolutely salivating for the upcoming accompanying book, This Love Hurts. Delilah, Cody, and… Marcus!! They all seem to have quite the story to tell, and I for one, can. not. wait. to read it. With the promise of a love story that is filled with betrayal, twists and turns, I have been waiting for Marcus’s story for what seems like FOREVER!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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