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Boom by Sabrina Stark

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3 Stars

Arden Weathers has been working hard to take care of her family home while away at college. And now that she has graduated, she finally returns to the one place she was only ever happy… only to find that someone else now owns everything she ever worked for…

Broderick Blastoviak aka “Brody Blast” is rich and famous from starring in his own home renovation show and being an equal owner in the lucrative tool business he shares with his equally well known brothers. But Brody wasn’t always this set in life. In fact, in high school there was one person who had a hand in making his life go from bad to worse… Arden Weathers…


Boom was a cute and solidly entertaining, enemies to lovers read. Arden and Brody made the ultimate mistakes in high school, but when they are thrust together once again, will the old and bitter feelings they continue to harbor ruin the possibility of finding their ultimate happiness… in each others arms…

Arden is a recent college grad who finds out her nemesis is now the proud owner of a home that rightfully belongs to her. But, no matter the feelings Arden has for Brody, when she discovers that her beloved home is going to be renovated using his expertise, she quickly decides that the Brody she remembers can’t be all bad… or can he?!

Brody has never forgiven Arden for her role in making a low point in his life even worse,  but he can also admit to himself just how much of a role she plays in getting his blood pumping. And when they start to work and live in close proximity? All bets are off when it comes to any future they may share.

I really enjoyed the plot for this book, and I especially love the always enticing enemies to lovers trope, but Arden and Brody’s story just didn’t deliver all that I was hoping for from this story. The residual anger on both Arden and Brody’s parts was justified and completely understandable, but when it came to facing the past head on, they both turned into just icky people (Brody especially!) when confronted with anything that was a little difficult.

The stately home in disrepair served as a supremely interesting setting for the book, and the home renovation show was a completely genius tool for many dramatic scenes. But in the end, I felt like the home itself was showcased much more than the developing relationship between Arden and Brody.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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