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This Time Tomorrow (Phenomenal Fate #2) by Tessa Bailey

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4.5 Stars

Roksana and Elias Perry are mortal enemies with a complicated and heartbreaking past. From a lingering attraction to a burning betrayal, Roksana has every reason to avoid Elias for eternity, but with they way things have been going, she won’t have to worry about it any of it much longer…


This Time Tomorrow was romantic escapism at it’s finest. A slayer who loves to hate a vampire, and the danger involved for them both, lights up the pages of this entertaining and off-the-charts-sexy read. Roksana is a reluctant slayer who embraced her role when all other options failed, but once she befriends a group of vampires, all the plans she has made to obliterate vampire-kind fall to pieces… every. single. time.

I absolutely loved the characters in this story! Roksana displayed a gruff and frosty exterior, but was only really attempting to hide her utterly eviscerated heart in the process. After turning her back on her slayer heritage for many years, Roksana had to face the ultimate betrayal before she took on the mantle of her destiny, whether she ever really wanted to or not.

Which brings me to poor, misunderstood, Elias. It takes only one glance of Roksana for him to know that she is a woman worth fighting for, and worth protecting. But when his loyalty changes the course of his life forever, Elias becomes the monster he never even knew existed…

Tessa Bailey is the queen of writing sexy AF books with unforgettable plots and fascinating characters. Roksana and Elias’ chemistry was red hot, loaded with an all-consuming sexual tension and the endless taunting that they love to torture each other with. Secrets and treachery may have shaped their relationship thus far, but Roksana and Elias’ story is far from over, and I enjoyed every spectacular second of their steamy and addicting tale…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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