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Waiting for Forever (Hope Valley #8) by Jessica Prince

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4.5 Stars

Danika Parrish is the girl next door who has been harboring a crush on her gorgeous neighbor since the day she first laid eyes on him. Leo Drake was popular, athletic and he never noticed his shy neighbor who always watched him from her bedroom window with hearts in her eyes.

But years have passed and Dani’s schoolgirl crush is a thing of the past… until the boy she loved from afar for all those years returns home to Hope Valley, newly unattached and all of a sudden very interested in the sweet and and easy going Dani…


Waiting for Forever was a charming story of unrequited, young love finally getting its chance to flourish and shine. Danika and Leo were complete opposite personalities while growing up. But when they reconnect later in life, the quiet and shy girl Leo never noticed in high school is suddenly the only person he can think about. And while Dani had the most devastating crush on Leo as a young girl, she can barely fathom the remote possibility that a charismatic guy like him would be interested in a former nerd like her…

Danika is the sweet and shy baker who owns the most popular coffee shop in Hope Valley. People rave about her sweets, and she has made a great life for herself in her home town. And while she still has the slightest crush on her former neighbor, Dani has decided to move on with her life and her longing for something that is never going to happen. Until Leo let’s her know just how mistaken she has been about the feelings he has for her…

Leo is recently divorced from his extremely bitter ex-wife who has a colorful history of manipulation and bullying. Along with two children that he cherishes, Leo has decided that it is time for him to finally find the happiness he deserves in his personal life, and Dani is just the woman he would love to spend some time with… if only she will give him the chance he’s been waiting for…

This book was a delightful treat from beginning to end! From lighthearted and entertaining to it’s tear inducing moments as well, this story delivered a sexy and fun story wrapped up in an engaging and unputdownable package. Dani and Leo connect on a deeper level when meeting as adults, but when the intricacies of divorce, kids and life in Hope Valley intrude on their burgeoning romance, their attraction and easy companionship might just prove to not be enough…

The Hope Valley series delivers one fantastic read after another, and I absolutely love every visit and new relationship that comes out of this adorable town! And while I have adored every story from this fabulous series, I think Danika and Leo just might be my new favorite reigning Hope Valley couple!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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