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Star Bright (Bright Young Things #1) by Staci Hart

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5 Stars

New York City is abuzz with anything and everything to do with the dazzling and effervescent Bright Young Things. They’re young, glamorous, and rich, and their events are the envy of anyone who loves a good time. But, getting an invitation into a Bright Young Things party is highly sought after… and nearly impossible to achieve…

Levi Hunt is a reporter poised to tell the world about just what happens at a Bright Young Things event, and once he attends his first party, he is absolutely hooked. They are just as brilliant and decadent as the rumors surrounding them. But perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of the Bright Young Things is one of it’s core members, Stella Spencer.


Star Bright was an extravagant celebration of friendship and love, all wrapped up in the most fabulously glitzy and unrestrained events. Stella and Levi come from very different worlds, but the moment they lay eyes on each other, their attraction is it’s own living and breathing force, and impossible to ignore. And while an interlude between Levi and Stella seems inevitable, Levi has been keeping a very big secret, one which could ruin the Bright Young Things forever…

This book was everything I have been waiting for in a reading escape! The imagery and glamour of the Bright Young Things parties was a luxurious treat, but what really surprised me was the innocent joys to be learned from this indulgent, yet rock solid group of friends.

Stella Spencer has found family in her group of friends. She is filthy rich and absolutely gorgeous, but she also has the most giving and kind heart. After a recent heart break, she isn’t looking for another romance to fall into, but meeting Levi changes everything.

Levi is a reporter whose infiltration of the Bright Young Things is going to propel his writing career. But when word of his articles gets out to the group, he faces losing much more than just his “in” to the parties.

Staci Hart has outdone herself with this intoxicating new series! I am so beyond excited to follow the trail of excess and glamour introduced in Star Bright, and can not wait to read more about their extravagant outfits, the over-the-top decorations and party details, and all of the rest of the craziness that the Bright Young Things have in store…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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