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This Love Hurts by W. Winters

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3.5 Stars

*** This Love Hurts contains the prequel novella Do You Want Me? as the beginning to the story. Be aware before purchasing that the bulk of this story is included in the previously released novella.

Delilah is an independent woman and successful lawyer, but when she receives a threat at work, all she wants is to be in the safety of her lovers arms. But Cody just might not be the man she thinks he is… and her safety has seemed to have fallen into the hands of the city’s most notorious murderer…


This Love Hurts slowly inches toward revealing more and more of the dark shadow that is the infamous Marcus. Delilah is facing a crisis of work, family and her love life, but with the sudden arrival of the man she fears down to her very bones, Delilah’s problems seem to be getting much worse before they will ever be better…

Starting with the prequel Do You Want Me?, we get a glimpse into the murky and layered background of the characters, Delilah, Cody and Marcus. And with what seems like just the beginning of an intricate plot which will slowly unravel before our eyes. With a previous agreement between Cody and Marcus having a change of terms, Marcus makes his intentions towards Delilah VERY KNOWN, and the hook-up style of relationship she shares with Cody will inevitably change by the exacting pursuit from Marcus.

I am absolutely ready to devour all things Marcus, and this series has started out to be intriguing and full of depth. But, I wished for more from this book. The story is superb, but I felt like this installment only provided a fraction of a book. With only eight new chapters added onto the previous novella, I can only hope the next book in this series will deliver the Marcus exposure we are all so ready for.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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