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Boy #1: The Wannabe Rockstar (Oh, Those Boys #1) by Penny Sixsmith

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5 Stars

Cassandra St. John is done with men. From the boyfriend who dumped her on Valentine’s Day, to her slutty jerk of a neighbor, she wants nothing to do with any of them! Well… there is one thing that neighbor might be good for…


Boy #1: The Wannabe Rockstar was the non-stop entertaining read that I have been waiting for! After a truly terrible Valentine’s Day, Cassie falls into bed with her absolutely awful (ok, and sexy) neighbor, and they proceed to bang the mutual disdain they share out of each other for the next three months. She has sworn of relationships, he has never even been in one… perfect arrangement, right?! Wrong. Feelings just can’t be avoided forever, you two!

I loved Cassie so. freaking. much. She is a well put together businesswoman who refuses to compromise her career or her integrity for anyone… even when the sexy and enigmatic Micah Gannis comes along. Micah is Cassie’s neighbor, party boy, and guitarist for a local band, and boy do these two rub each other the wrong way. Until they realize just how great they are in bed together, and then their loathing turns into some hate driven foreplay!

This book absolutely delivered with steamy sex, delightful discord, and all kinds of hooking up, non-relationship, angst! Cassie may have sworn off of relationships, but isn’t it just typical that when she stops looking, the men seem to be suddenly coming out of the woodwork? I loved so many things about this book, but I think my favorite aspect by far was Cassie’s unwillingness to compromise on the kind of relationship she deserves.

I am ever so impatiently waiting for what is next from the series… bring on more Cassie St. John!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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**Penny Sixsmith is a new contemporary romance pen name for author Stylo Fantôme**


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