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Shooting Star (Bright Young Things Prequel #0.5) by Staci Hart

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5 Stars

Meet Stella Spencer. Socialite, loyal friend and the visionary behind the resurrection of the modern day Bright Young Things. Their parties are the envy of the entire world, but the Bright Young Things are so much more than just their trust funds…


Shooting Star opens with an epic throw-back victory party circa the 1940’s, and the birth of the Bright Young Things elusive patron, Cecilia Beaton. This prequel novella provides the smallest of tastes of the extravagance and the celebration of life that this decadent group of friends becomes known for, and just how justified the hype surrounding the parties truly is.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this novella! The visually stunning details of the very first Bright Young Things parties prepare you for all that is more to come from this glamorous new world in it’s first novel, Star Bright. We witness Stella’s heartbreak firsthand, but also the beginning of the joy she finds in her friends and the sense of home  that she builds with those she loves. I couldn’t get over the reason for the celebration at the victory party… it is so relevant to life right now, and I am absolutely for us all to throw a victory party of our own some day soon!

If I wasn’t already in love with everything Bright Young Things, this novella would have hooked me immediately!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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