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That Swoony Feeling (Getting Lucky #4) by Meghan Quinn

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5 Stars

All Brig Knightly has ever wanted is to be romanced a little and to find his one true love. But as the last single Knightly brother standing, his prospects are starting to look pretty grim… and he 100% places that blame on the dreaded curse he caught in New Orleans…

Ruth Barber has been harboring an all-consuming crush on Brig for an embarrassingly long time. Content with keeping her distance and admiring him from afar, it’s too bad for Ruth that her best friend has some different plans in mind…


That Swoony Feeling was a heartwarming and absolutely hilarious read! Brig and Ruth’s friends-to-lovers relationship was the exact kind of romance this summer needed! While Brig has been searching for love, the entire town of Port Snow is exasperated with his cluelessness when it comes to who they think is the perfect girl for him. Ruth is sweet, funny and incredibly lovable… if only Brig would finally notice who’s been crushing on him right before his eyes…

Brig was the most gosh darn adorable hero I think I have ever experienced in a romance novel. With his love of love and his utmost desire to be romanced, his sweet and mischievous personality was a constant entertainment. And although he was completely clueless when it came to his feelings for Ruth, his innocence in his ignorance was hard to resist.

Ruth was a delightful and sassy woman who turned into a shy wallflower in the presence of Brig. As an already successful business woman, she dreams of a new venture that would honor her deceased parents, but she isn’t quite ready to take the plunge. Until her pushy, yet lovable friends find her the perfect location… with an irresistible neighbor who is already dead set on helping her out, included.

I adored everything about this book! Brig was such an amazing character and Ruth was extremely lovely, and had a great, multi-layered personality. The plot was engaging and fun, and the “pen pal summer of love” added in provided a nice and unpredictable twist. And towards the end, this hilarious and light read also provided a few heartbreaking moments as well. 

That Swoony Feeling was the perfect end to the unforgettable Getting Lucky series. I am so sad to see the last of the Knightly family and the town of Port Snow, Maine. Each and every story was an entertaining and sexy escape unto itself, and the characters will forever bring a smile to my face.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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