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The Trouble With Quarterbacks by R.S. Grey

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5 Stars

When charming preschool teacher, Candace Williams meets professional football player Logan Matthews, she can hardly contain herself. The gorgeous hunk of a man may be a NFL superstar, but to her, he’s just the uncle of one of her students… and superbly desirable. Too bad she’s just a simple, not-at-all famous girl, who has no hope of catching his attention…


The Trouble With Quarterbacks features a feisty British preschool teacher who makes everything fun, and an alpha-hunky NFL quarterback who just can’t seem to resist her and her crazy antics. Candace and Logan’s love story was scorchingly sexy and incredibly entertaining, and I may have just cry-laughed my way through this refreshing and extraordinary read!

Candace is a delightfully sassy heroine who verbalizes every hilarious thought that pops into her head. She and her quirky roommates guaranteed there to never be a dull moment in this entire book! I adored her outlook on her life and inability to even fathom losing herself to the limelight of Logan’s fame.

YOU GUYS!! R.S. Grey wrote the most delicious alpha-hero in the incredibly yummy, Logan, and I could. not. get. enough. from. him! While he was uncomfortable with his fame at times, Logan has accepted the attention his career brings to him. Until he meets Candace and he realizes how much he wants to protect her from that part of his life. Immediately smitten, but protective at the same time, their attraction alone may not stand the test of a relationship in the public eye.

I loved everything about this book! Candace and Logan’s off-the-charts chemistry magnificently delivered a super sexy, hilarious and intriguing read! I had so much fun with the over-the-top heroine and her friends, and of course, the handsome and adorable hero who was her perfect fit.

I have voluntarily purchased and read this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Quarterbacks by R.S. Grey

  1. Wonderful review Chandris!! I really enjoyed this one, which was nice surprise since her latest books weren’t the biggest hits for me.

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