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Hate Notes by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

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3 Stars

Left reeling after discovering her fiancée cheating, Charlotte Darling exchanges her never-worn wedding dress in, for the possibility of something more. But in the process of chasing a dream that was never hers, Charlotte finds everything she has been missing from her life thus far…

Reed Eastwood is closed off and angry at the world, and it seems, Charlotte most of all. But for what Reed wants the world to see is not his vulnerabilities when it comes to the woman who never fails to catch him off guard, but the control he exudes in resisting everything Charlotte represents… and everything he can’t have…


Hate Notes was an ultra slow-burn romance filled with friction and fun filled scenes, as well as emotional and endearing moments. Charlotte and Reed’s unusual connection of hate notes, bucket lists and friendship leads the way for an epic romance… or so Charlotte hopes for with every Reed encounter that passes…

Charlotte was a spontaneous and free soul who has hit a rough patch in her life, which has her searching for something more. When she happens upon a note written by one Reed Eastwood to his future bride, she drunkenly decides that she must meet the man behind his beautiful words, but what she finds instead is a man who no longer seems to believe in fairy tale love.

Reed was a hard worker and an immaculate planner, so Charlotte’s go-with-the-flow personality drives him crazy from their very first meeting. But little does Reed know, Charlotte may be just the person he needs around when life gets rough… 

I was very torn on this book, some parts I truly enjoyed, while others just fell very flat. I loved the plot, and Charlotte and Reed’s relationship could have been so fantastic… with any kind of heat infused into it. Charlotte also emitted some odd stalker vibes, and the way she came to know Reed was pretty unbelievable. The story moved very slowly… too slowly to really believe the romantic connection between Charlotte and Reed, because all I ever felt from them was friendship.

There’s a little plot twist in this one, which was incredibly well done, and the ending definitely made me cry. So, all in all while these characters may have not have had a great connection to each other, they definitely ended up worming their way into my heart, just a little.

I voluntarily purchased and read this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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