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Yours to Keep (Man of the Year #2) by Lauren Layne

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5 Stars

Following a potential career ending injury, Carter Ramsey is facing not only the possibility of never playing baseball again, but the fact that he is Citizen magazine’s newest Man of the Year, without nothing to really show for it. So, after some family coercion, Carter decides that a trip back home may be just the kind of distraction he needs…

Olive Dunn may just be a science teacher in the same high school she once attended, but she loves her life in small town Haven. And when the town’s biggest celebrity returns for their 10 year high school reunion, Olive might just be the one person who can open his eyes to what he has been missing living all of his years in New York City…


Yours to Keep was an immensely fun and unmistakably delightful read, filled with great laughs and a one-of-a-kind slow burn romance! Olive and Carter forge an unlikely friendship as former science lab partners and current (very temporary) next door neighbors. But when sparks fly between the famous baseball star and the high school science teacher, they will have to face the reality that a relationship between them would be doomed before it even begins…

Olive possessed an effervescent personality that shined and sparkled, and set her apart from every woman Carter had ever met. I loved just how comfortable she was in her own skin, and how she embraced her one of a kind outlook on life. Olive truly adored her hometown and teaching position at Haven High, and she thrives in her simple and otherwise quiet life.

Carter may be facing a crossroads in his career, but while his life is in limbo, he decides to return to the place he never visits quite often enough, and his family along with it. With his pregnant sister, their high school reunion coming up, and an ex-girlfriend coming to town, Carter’s self-indulgent feelings of inadequacy have no chance to rule his life while he waits to heal from his injury. But it may just be Carter’s new next door neighbor who will truly pull him out of his absence-of-baseball funk…

This book was rom-com goodness in every page! Olive and Carter’s relationship was entertaining, ultra sexy and so much fun to read. I loved the town of Haven, and all of the fantastic characters which supported this charming plot. Yours to Keep was a book that I will always “keep” on my must read list…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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