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Loathe Thy Neighbor: Roommate Romps by Teagan Hunter

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3.5 Stars

River White absolutely can. not. stand. Dean Evans. From his pie stealing to the blasting of his terrible music, there isn’t much Dean does that doesn’t drive her absolutely crazy. So why is she the first person to offer her nemesis a place to stay when his apartment is suddenly uninhabitable? It just might be the River mildly enjoys arguing with her former neighbor… and newest roommate…


Loathe Thy Neighbor was a light and entertaining read filled with humorous banter and a roommate situation chock full of sexual tension! River and Dean love to hate each other, but when they start living together, the loathing suddenly turns into an all-out attraction… no matter how temporary it may be…

River is a workaholic whose love of cherry pie is greater than her desire to find a steady boyfriend. And while her utter disdain for her next door neighbor has her in a constant state of simmer, when the two enemies start to see more and more of each other, the heat between them turns all-out combustable.

Dean is a teacher who loves his job and the students whose lives he makes a difference in. In fact, there isn’t much that most people find displeasing about nice guy, Dean… except for River. And while he may love to push her buttons, when Dean’s apartment catches on fire, River is the first person to offer him a place to stay, no matter how uncomfortable living together promises to be.

This was such a good read! I really enjoyed River and Dean’s dynamic, although at the same time, I wasn’t completely sold on their chemistry. The plot was fun and completely held my interest throughout. And while I thought River and Dean’s reasons for disliking each other were a little juvenile, I also completely agreed… Dean had TERRIBLE taste in music… and River was just in the wrong for not even liking music at all. But hey, at least they found someone who can accept them… warts and all! Ha!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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