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Tools of Engagement (Hot & Hammered #3) by Tessa Bailey


4.5 Stars

When Bethany Castle and Wes Daniels first met, it was loathe at first sight. While the pair never miss an opportunity to zing each other with a well executed insult, it’s what they aren’t saying that keeps their sexual tension simmering beneath the surface.

But when Bethany is finally ready to take her chance to step out of her brothers shadow in the family business, her nemesis is the first… and only person who steps up to help her…


Tools of Engagement was a steamy, witty and heartwarming read! Bethany and Wes may love to taunt each other, but behind the barbs and general disdain, they will soon see there is so much more to each other than meets the eye. And when their complex hang-ups and pivotal shifts in life coincide, Bethany and Wes soon discover that no one in their lives has ever quite bothered to delve beneath the surface of their mutual well-placed walls…

Bethany is a founding member of the Just Us League, a self-realized perfectionist, and a house stager who wants MORE from her career. But while Bethany has everything together on the outside, she has an overly analytical mind and is an insecure mess on the inside. With her burning desire to be in charge of her own house flip project, Bethany finds herself at odds with her brother and business partner. So she decides to take matters into her own hands, once and for all.

Wes is a young bachelor who went from riding bulls in the Texas rodeo to relocating at a drop of his hat to Long Island, New York, to take care of his young and adorable niece. While he thoroughly enjoys the discourse he shares with Bethany, once Wes sees behind her thin, yet frosty exterior, he realizes just how much Bethany doubts herself, no matter the confidence she conveys. So Wes makes it his new mission to show Bethany just how much she has been missing while she has been overthinking her life, all while finally acting on the attraction they have both been denying to each other…

I absolutely adored this book! Wes was a completely irresistible hero who not only stepped up for the sake of his niece, but also worked his hardest to get Bethany to realize just how amazing of a woman she was. Bethany was a very interesting character who possessed all of the outward confidence of a woman who knows what she wants in life, but held the truth of her insecurities close to her chest. 

With a seven year age difference doing nothing to put a damper on their ultra sexy attraction, Bethany and Wes heated up the pages of this read to scorching hot levels! Ultimately a story of finding yourself and who you are meant to be, the love between Bethany and Wes was life altering and sexy, all while being heartwarming… and so much fun!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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