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Winterly (Dark Creatures #1) by Jeanine Croft

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2.5 Stars

While London is abuzz with the gruesome murders happening around town, Emmaline Rose is thrown deep into a strange and otherworldly encounter with the mysterious Viscount Markus Winterly. 


Winterly was a vastly interesting historical paranormal romance. Emma’s foray into the darker things that have been lurking in London is about to change everything she thought she knew about life itself, including how to navigate the attention of the intense and mystifying, Viscount Markus Winterly.

Emma enjoys reading and other scholarly endeavors and has accepted the fact that she will never be the marrying type. But when strange things start to happen in her life, Emma embarks on a new exploration into the world of vampires and other dark forces.

I enjoyed the plot of this book immensely, and the story itself was brimming with potential. Emma and Markus’ attraction was sexy and intense… and I just wanted MORE of it! The writing itself felt a little superfluous, and as a result made the story difficult to follow at times. I would have loved more of a focus on character development and less of the flowery words, which I tended to skim right over to get to what was happening at the core of the scene.

In the end, I loved the characters and the premise of this story, and the sexy connection and historical setting were engaging and fresh. Emma and Markus’ story is just the beginning of the Dark Creatures series, and this book leaves us with a HFN (happy for now), and a journey into book two.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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