5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Tear Jerker

Rifts & Refrains (Hush Note #2) by Devney Perry

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5 Stars

Quinn Montgomery left her hometown of Bozeman, Montana nine years ago to chase her dream, and has yet to go back. But with the death of her beloved Nan, Quinn has no choice but to return to the family she left behind… and the man she once so desperately loved…

Graham Hayes figures that he has lived his life without Quinn for this long, so getting through a few days in her presence before she flees again should be no problem. But, nothing about letting Quinn Montgomery go has never gone according to his plan…


Rifts & Refrains was a sexy, second chance romance, and also a complete cry fest. Quinn and Graham’s love for each other was supposed to stand the test of time, but the minute Quinn left Montana nine years ago, their rock-solid love imploded right before their eyes. And now, the certified rock star is returning home to face the people she loves, no matter how much time has passed since she last saw them…

When Quinn defied her parents and left home to pursue her dream, she set forth a family rift that they have never had the chance to heal from. And when her band, Hush Note, becomes a success beyond her wildest dreams, the hope of the acceptance that she craves from her non-supportive family seems like it will never come. 

Graham once never imagined what life would be like without Quinn being by his side. But, his vision of their future changed dramatically when she left and never came home. Now Graham’s life is all about being a single dad to his son, Colin… who happens to be a die hard Hush Note fan… much to Graham’s chagrin. 

Living apart for all of these years has been torture for Quinn and Graham, but there is no way forward for a rock star living in the limelight and a man who wants to live a simple life for his son.

I absolutely devoured this book! Quinn and Graham’s second chance romance delivered all of the tear-jerking moments I could have ever hoped for. Added to the issues Quinn has with her family, and the death of her beloved grandmother, this story held me captivated and enthralled from the beginning to the incredible end. And although the emotions were high and perfectly represented, the romance itself was marvelous as well. Moments of joy, and of course, the sexy, not-to-be-missed moments, I loved everything that Rifts & Refrains promised and flawlessly delivered!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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