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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

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3.5 Stars

Maelyn Jones cherishes the holidays spent at the cabin she grew up visiting with many dear family friends. But, this Christmas, everything is about to change… over and over again…


In a Holidaze was a funny and rewarding read about Maelyn, the woman who gets a second chance to turn her life around…. maybe a third chance, too. Mae has been in love with Andrew Hollis for as long as she can remember, so when she kisses his brother, Theo, instead… all Mae can think of is how much she wants a complete do-over of the entire holiday season…

Mae has been sporting a crush on her childhood friend Andrew in which he seems to painfully has zero idea of. But when Mae’s life is upended into a Christmas version of Groundhog Day… she has got to figure out where she went so wrong in her decision making… or suffer her vacation for all of eternity… or close to it.  

I really enjoyed this book, and the writing was, as always flawlessly engaging. Mae and Andrew’s HEA was quirky, unique, and packed with fun and emotional moments along the way. And while I appreciated this read, I did feel like the romance suffered at the mercy of such an ambitious plot. While interesting and well done, I tend to not love such a busy and, at times, convoluted storyline, and I would have adored some more time dedicated to the actual romance… and some sexual tension or more heat between Mae and Andrew added in for good measure. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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