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Muses & Melodies (Hush Note #3) by Rebecca Yarros

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4 Stars

Fresh off of his latest visit to rehab, Nixon Winters is serious about his sobriety… this time. And while he knows his past behavior when it comes to abusing alcohol isn’t the most inspiring, the last thing Nixon expects is for his manager to assign him his very own babysitter…

Zoe Shannon has worked extremely hard at her dream of becoming a band manager. And while her latest duties include keeping a watchful eye over her least favorite Hush Note band member, Zoe is prepared to ensure Nixon’s recovery is smooth and permanent. Too bad Nixon is doing his best to torture her in the process…


Muses & Melodies was a friction laden, emotional and tortured hero, rock star delight! Nixon has been losing his fight against his demons for far too long, but this time his battle includes the headstrong Zoe who refuses to let him give up… or push her away. 

Zoe realizes that having rock stars for clients is not always easy or glamorous, but Nixon might just be her worst assignment yet. From his constant disappearing act, to his insults and insufferable attitude, dragging her to her hometown in Colorado might just be the worst idea he inflicts on her yet. 

Nixon is the lead guitarist for Hush Note and has found his family within the eight years of belonging with his band. And while Nixon is an excellent friend, his constant struggle to fight his demons seems to always lead him back to his own self destruction. As a man with many vices to face and overcome, Nixon decides the best way to succeed may be to find himself a brand new vice… like doing everything he can to get under Zoe’s skin…

This was another great Hush Note read! Against all odds, Nixon and Zoe’s attraction will help them discover the depths of their understanding and support for each other. And while they both have their reasons for avoiding the entanglement of a relationship between them, the love that blossoms from the time they spend together makes walking away almost impossible… until Nixon does what Nixon does best… pushes away the people who love him most…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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