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Pride & Papercuts (The Austens #5) by Staci Hart

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4 Stars

Elaine “Laney” Bennet adores her job at Wasted Words and is beyond excited to help with their media campaign for the new business expansion. That is, until she meets the man who she is supposed to answer to… and his intolerable attitude…

Liam Darcy is a man who puts protecting his family and their legacy above all else. And while being involved with Laney and her brother is the last thing that Liam wants for him or his sister, there is something about the Bennet’s that they just can’t seem to stay away from… 


Pride & Papercuts was a slow burn romantic delight set against the background of a classic Jane Austen novel. Laney and Liam love to hate each other, and no matter what progress they make, end up right back where they started… teeming with visible disdain. But while their hate may be a flimsy cover for their undisguised sexual tension… it’s only a matter of time before they give in to the temptation they have been hiding all along…

Laney is the headstrong and fiery only sister to the famed Bennet brother dynasty. Leaving the family flower shop to pursue her own career, she and her twin brother, Jett work at the bar/bookstore Wasted Words. As a social media success in her own right, Laney takes quite the umbrage to the way Liam treats her as “less than” in his world of privilege. 

Liam’s guard is up from the moment he meets Laney and her brother, Jett. In the name of protecting his sister’s heart, and maybe his own, associating with the Bennet’s screams of being bad news. And while Liam never seems to be able to correctly verbalize just what he really wants to say to Laney, behind all of his insults and judgements lies a man who is afraid to ask for what he really wants…

This was a wonderful read! Laney and Liam’s sexual tension and constant discord provided a highly entertaining and amusing story. I loved the bonus love story of Jett and Georgie, the siblings who everyone is fighting for, and of course, all of the Bennet family updates!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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