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Our Star-Crossed Kiss (The Rooftop Crew #4) by Piper Rayne

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4 Stars

In the Food Channel’s newest production, two feuding bagel shops will join together to showcase their best products, combined… once again. But with a twenty year feud still burning strong between the Erickson and Andrews families, this new show may be a recipe for disaster… until Evan Erickson and her new fake fiancée Seth Andrews come up with a plan to mend the rift… by marriage?!


Our Star-Crossed Kiss was a delightfully charming, enemies-to-lovers read! Evan and Seth were told to hate each other in the name of their parents’ feud, but instead, the decide they are going to finally end the twenty year impasse. From faking an engagement to appearing on a reality show about combining their bagel shops… what could possibly go wrong…

Evan never wanted to run the family bagel shop, but when someone needed to step up to help, she was there… and still is. With her eye on all of the opportunities being featured on the upcoming reality show will present, Evan envisions getting their products out to the public, and to secure the future for her family, without having to spend an eternity slinging bagels. Enter Seth, her childhood friend turned enemy, who she has never been able to stop thinking about…

Seth is a boudoir photographer who wants nothing to do with making bagels, but agrees to help his mom apply for the Food Channel show. Being in the same sphere as Evan again has Seth fantasizing about freeing her from the life she never wanted, and when they decide to fake a relationship to mend their family feud, Seth also offers another perk of a relationship… some very sexy benefits…

This book was another awesome read from The Rooftop Crew series! Evan and Seth’s story had the Romeo and Juliet vibe without all of the teenage drama and completely preventable deaths! Funny, sweet and sexy, I adored the connection of these two former friends who never wanted to be separated by the bad decisions made by their parents.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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