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I Promise You by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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5 Stars

Dillon McQueen promised himself that he would never fall for the legend of the bonfire at Waylon University. Kiss a girl and pine away for her forever? No, thank you. Until his eyes landed on the enchanting girl dancing in the firelight… and all his restraint vanishes…

Years go by, and his mystery woman is nowhere to be found… until he meets Serena Jensen, and the world rights itself again… well, if Serena actually wanted to give him the time of day it would… 


I Promise You was an adorable, hilarious and emotionally refined story which will fill your heart to its absolute brim! Serena has no desire to get involved with another man who will shatter her heart, and Dillon is exactly the kind of man she can see never being able to recover from. But Dillon knows Serena is the one for him, and ever since the first time he kissed her, all he has wanted was to do it again…

Serena was such a strong and amazing woman! After losing her parents, she fell for a bad boy musician and gave him too much of herself. In the time since their breakup, she has been working on finding the old Serena back, and being there for her family as much as she can. Which reminds me, I absolutely LOVED Serena’s hilarious family dynamic! The scenes including her family added so much hilarity to this story, I just couldn’t get enough of them all!

Dillon is your classic superstitious football player, with a heart of absolute gold. The stakes are high in his final year of playing college football, and Dillon’s focus is dedicated to his team, and his future of being drafted to the NFL… but finding Serena again may change it all. Because, after spending years looking for her, Dillon is adamant to never squander his chance at finally getting to know the woman he was enraptured by from the first moment he saw her. 

I loved this book so much! Serena was guarded and thought Dillon was just too good to be true, and worked hard at protecting her heart from the inevitable when it came to a relationship with another celebrity. Dillon was sweet and damaged by his family and the loss of his brother, but finding Serena just felt right from the very first moment. 

The dynamic between Serena and Dillon was fun and incredibly sexy. These characters and their emotional connection possessed such a rich depth that their relationship was believable and superbly engaging. I adored the humor in this read, and the dynamic between the characters was always fresh and entertaining. In other words, this book was just a simply fantastic read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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