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Return Billionaire to Sender (Billionaires of Manhattan #5) by Annika Martin

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4 Stars

Finding a community and a family in New York City is a very rare occurrence, and the residents of 341 West 45th know just how lucky they are to have found just that. And after doing everything they can think of to save the building they love from soon being demolished, one of the residents has come up with one last ditch effort to appeal to the man who threatens their very happiness, Malcolm Blackberg.

Noelle knows her idea to approach the infamous billionaire, Malcolm Blackberg is most likely a lost cause… but she can’t let her friends down by not trying her absolute hardest to get him to listen to their plea for their building. But when the opportunity presents itself to get close to him by using a little innocent subterfuge, Noelle finds herself pretending to be someone she’s not… and falling for the dark and lonely Malcolm in the process… 


Return Billionaire to Sender was an entertaining and sexy story featuring Noelle, a sweet and wholesome mail carrier vs Malcom, a hard and jaded billionaire who would love the world to believe he is devoid of any kind of empathy. But while Noelle is trying her hardest to open Malcom’s eyes to the simple delights of camaraderie and friendship, Malcolm can’t stop thinking about how delightful it would be to unravel the prim and utterly fascinating, Noelle.

I really loved this story and all of the characters were interesting and highly engaging. I thought the writing was superb and the plot was fresh and fun, and there were some superlative glimpses of the steamy relationship to come between Noelle and Malcolm. But in the end, I just wanted something MORE from this story. Everything was great on paper, but within the connection between Noelle and Malcolm, something seemed to be missing that would have taken this read from simply just great to unforgettable.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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