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Stroke of Midnight (Cinderella #1) by K. Webster

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5 Stars

Winston Constantine is a man who expects utter perfection when it comes to the work performed at the offices of Halcyon, from his highest paid employee down to each individual of the cleaning staff. So when he witnesses the disrespect coming from new hire, Ash Ember Elliott, Winston decides he needs to teach her a lesson… and ends up finding his newest obsession in the process…


Stroke of Midnight was a delightfully carnal, page scorching delight! Winston and Ash have an arrangement that is hot, hot, hot, but while Ash is willing to do just about anything while “working” for Winston, her life at home is going from bad to worse. And while Winston enjoys the sexy distraction presented to him by Ash, he warns her repeatedly that he will NEVER be her Prince Charming…

Since her father remarried, Ash finds herself in a tight spot needing a load of money for her upcoming transition to college. With an awful stepmother and three terrible stepbrothers doing their best to make her life hell, she is willing to do just about anything to escape their clutches and find a way to pay for school without being stuck relying further on their mercy. 

Winston is the insanely rich and high-powered CEO of Halcyon… and he is utterly bored with the typical women he encounters. He finds having Ash at his beck and call, and finding new and sexy ways to get her to play his game becomes more exhilarating, and tantalizing with each new encounter. She needs money, and he has more than he can spend… sounds like a arrangement made in filthy, fairy tale heaven…

Stroke of Midnight delivered with quite possibly the hottest book of the year! Winston and Ash’s swelteringly sexy non-relationship was just the beginning of everything that was right in this book! The writing… fabulous. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat, from Ash’s home life, to every new, slightly depraved task Winston assigns to her, I found it impossible to put this book down! Much to my delight, Stroke of Midnight was not your typical Cinderella story… and BE WARNED… it ends on a killer cliffhanger!! So, if you need me, I will just be not-so-patiently waiting for the release of it’s continuation, Prince Charming… coming soon, but not soon enough!! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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