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Date Me Like You Mean It by R.S. Grey

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5 Stars

Best friends, roommates… and in-laws?! 

Madison Lane has been in love with Aiden Smith ever since she laid eyes on him at her sister’s wedding. So spending the past two years living together has been absolute torture… and the best days of her life.

But while Maddie has been harboring feelings for Aiden the entire time, acting on them might ruin their irreplaceable friendship… and that’s just not something Maddie would ever do… until he kisses her…


Date Me Like You Mean It was a quick-witted, hilarious and vibrant, friend-to-lovers masterpiece! Maddie and Aiden’s feelings for each other have been left unsaid for years, but just when they may finally be on the same page romantically, Aiden leaves and rips Maddie’s heart… and their friendship to pieces. If Aiden wants to get his best friend back, he is going to have to fight for her and show her just how much her love is reciprocated..

“New York City has millions of people, and not one of them is you.”

Maddie was a complete delight. From her sparkling and adorable personality, to her quiet and devoted love of all things Aiden, she never failed to bring the entertainment. And even though Maddie seemed to always be hard-core crushing on Aiden, she never let her feelings get in the way of their friendship… until they did. 

Aiden was a total dreamboat. Sexy, fun and all-around hunky, most women never wanted to let him go after dating him. But when his casual girlfriends all of a sudden stop coming around, the truth is that Aiden might just be harboring some very strong and complicated feelings of his own…

Maddie and Aiden’s easygoing and genuine friendship captivated me immediately, and once their unsaid feelings started to come to light, I was practically giddy with all the feelings their relationship metamorphosis invoked. From their sweet and incredibly sexy connection, to the angst and heartbreak they endure to get to their HEA, this story was the best kind of rewarding and uplifting diversion this avid romance reader could ask for!

Seriously, no one does a rom-com like the exceptional, R.S. Grey! Her distinctive talent for creating endearing and remarkable characters along with a lighthearted and engaging plot delivers with each and every story that she writes. If you aren’t hooked on her books yet… I suggest you start today!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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