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See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

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4 Stars

Greer Gibson is ecstatic when she lands her job as the newest teaching addition to the English department of the prestigious Forest Heights High School. That is, until she meets the department head…

Arlo Turner is stuffy, hardheaded, and way too gorgeous to be so surly all the time. And while they may simply just rub each other the wrong way, Arlo likes to make it a point to let Greer just how incompetent he views her teaching skills…


See Me After Class was a sexy, spicy and fun, naughty teachers tale! Greer and Arlo’s scorching attraction was second only to their burning animosity toward one another. But while they butt heads in the classroom, they find keeping their hands to themselves an even harder task…

Greer was fun loving and sweet. As a recent graduate, she is starting her life out fresh in Chicago with her new career and a brand new group of friends. Forming fast friendships with her hilarious co-workers and starting the Ladies in Heat Book Club together, Greer loves almost everything about her new life. Except for the very frustrating, Arlo Turner.

Arlo is often seen as closed off and utterly rigid, but within his heavily built walls resides a man who cares deeply about his students and his family. Arlo prides himself on his self control, and from the moment he meets Greer, he sees her as a gigantic threat to not only his sanity, but also his unyielding composure.

This book had so many sexy and intriguing elements! I adored the entire cast of characters, their comraderie and hilarious interactions were the best. Greer and Arlo’s hot and cold relationship provided many steamy moments, as well as sincere and emotional connections throughout. 

I absolutely loved so many individual aspects of this story, but at the same time, I also felt there was just too much going on for just one book! Greer and Arlo had a roller coaster relationship, and it was a lot of fun at times, but left me reeling with what felt like a disjointed first and second half of the story. I also felt like Arlo completely switched his personality at the drop of a hat, and it just didn’t seem like a sincere change. So, I did thoroughly enjoy this read… but not as much as I felt I could have…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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